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It is no longer necessary to compromise the credit. Sign up today and achieve immediate payment while you give your client 90 days credit with CreditStretch.

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Here you can watch how much financing is available through CreditStretch at this very moment. 

This round is of DKK 5.000.000

1.281.000 is already reserved!


We take a small fee depending on the invoice receivers credibility and whether the payment is immediate.

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CreditStretch is built with the newest technology securing payments happen automatically.

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What is the differences between invoice factoring, invoice sale and invoice stretching?

See the benefits and differences
Functions Invoice financing Invoice sale/factoring Credit stretching
Possible if invoice sender is in RKI No Yes Yes
Invoice receiver has the right to object to 20% of the invoice No No Yes
Unrelated to the invoice sender’s finances No Yes Yes
Risk free if invoice receiver cannot pay No Yes Yes
Exegibel – possible to solve in court right away No No Yes
Option for 30 days free extra credit No No Yes
Option for 60 days extra credit for +1% No No Yes
Securty against double spending (Blockchain) No No Yes
Free credit check Yes/No Yes/No Yes
100% execution possible from Android / iOS No No Yes
100% execution possible from Web Yes/No Yes/No Yes
Free of original signatures at establishment No No Yes
Process from first contact till payment is possible in half an hour No No Yes
Payment is possible in 2 minutes at second invoice upload No No On the way
Dashboard in realtime Yes/No Yes/No On the way
Payment is possible in cryptocurrency and other currencies No No On the way
Able to handle invoices issued in cryptocurrency No No On the way
Full automatic execution (no manual interference) No No On the way
A defaulted invoice will be paid by the insurance company within 90 days No No Yes