The faster way to get your invoices paid.

Our new approach to invoice factoring means you can get your invoices paid within 2 days.

In 2020, the average payment time in Denmark increased to 66 days. Close that gap to (almost) zero by using CreditStretcher.

Get paid faster

Invoice factoring can take 14 days. A credit stretch can be made within 2 days.

Quick decision

Create an account, submit an invoice and get an answer quickly. 

Fair pricing

It costs 3.75% of the invoice amount ex. VAT, regardless of your company size. Our pricing doesn’t discriminate on the invoice amount or your creditworthiness.

Better for you AND your customers.

When you get a credit stretch, we give your customer 60 days of interest free credit. And they can extend to 90 days for just 1% of the invoice amount ex. VAT.

Build better customer relationships

You know how important your customer relationships are. Late payments strain those relationships. How much easier would it be if you could be certain you’ll get paid on time, every time. And your customer gets 60 days of interest free credit. So you can get paid faster without putting additional pressure on their business.

Now everyone is happy.

Our customers are happy they made the switch.

"I was happy to find out that CreditStretcher not only sorts it all out for you. It’s also much faster than any other solution we have used".
Freddy Bach, a happy credit stretcher since 2018

How it works

The old way

  1. You call up a bank or factoring company.
  2. They ask for your invoice
  3. Most want to go through your accounting manually.
  4. They do a slow and manual credit check.
  5. They manually check through your details.
  6. They make a decision (yes or no)
  7. A salesperson calls you back to let you know their decision.
  8. And then you have to sign all of the paperwork.

No wonder it can take 14 days

The new way

It's time to say goodbye to the old way

Submit an open invoice to our app today to find out if we can help you get paid faster.

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How our pricing works

Invoice Issuer

No hidden fees
Immediate payment

Invoice Receiver

Free up to 60 days
and 1% for 90 days

*For invoices between 50.000 DKK - 500.000 DKK

Enter the invoice amount (ex. VAT)

How many days of credit?


Your invoice amount


Price for invoice issuer


Price for invoice receiver


Due date

No hidden costs.  No unexpected additional fees. 
Payments, credit rating, and credit insurance all included in one set fee.
APR / ÅOP 19-22,5%

Who are CreditStretcher and why should I buy your credit stretch?

Hi everyone-
I’m Jacob, CEO at CreditStretcher.

We think that invoice factoring takes too long, it costs too much and it’s generally overcomplicated.

So we made a new solution for SMEs.

We created a new and smarter platform to get your invoices paid faster. We're convinced that the traditional approach isn't good enough and it's unfair for SMEs suffering under long payment terms.

And because we know your customer relationships are so important to you, we built it so you can give your customers access to 60 days of interest free credit.

Now you can make credit stretches on single invoices, one at a time. Freeing you from selling all of your invoices at once.

- Jacob Vorsø Pedersen

Submit an open invoice to our app today to find out if we can help you get paid faster.

Give CreditStretcher a try

All the FAQs

Will it affect my credit rating?

No. We don’t care about your credit rating. We’re only interested in your customers’ credit rating. And no, it won’t affect theirs either.

Is the process complicated?

Borrowing money is always complicated, but we simplified the process to make it suck less.

Will this harm the relationship with my customer?

No. Unlike other finance providers, CreditStretcher benefits both you and your customer. You can offer your customer interest free credit so they can grow faster, too. It's win/win.

I’ve tried something similar and it didn’t work

Most finance providers can’t service smaller, less creditworthy SMEs. But we can. If your customer is creditworthy, we will finance you.

What about hidden fees?

It’s just one fee of 3.75% ex. VAT. No hidden fees whatsoever. And you’re guaranteed to get paid.

What happens if my customer is not creditworthy?

Sadly, we can't service all customers. If your customer isn't creditworthy you could try an invoice from another customer.

Still not sure?

Read our guide to credit stretching.