Invoice payment now, instead of in 30, 60 or 90 days.

Get paid immediately. And offer your customers 60 days of interest free credit.

Before CreditStretcher: you are suffocating under the pressure of long payment terms. You’re waiting weeks for a loan while acting as a lender to your larger, more liquid, customers.

After CreditStretcher: now you have control. You get paid instantly. And your customers are happy because you’ve given them access to interest-free credit!

We really don’t care about your credit rating.

Unique to CreditStretcher, we only care about your customers’ credit rating. If your customer is creditworthy, we will finance you. Create an account and enter your customer’s details, to find out instantly.

How our pricing works

Invoice Issuer

No hidden fees
Immediate payment

Invoice Receiver

Free up to 60 days
and 1% for 90 days

*For invoices between 50.000 DKK - 500.000 DKK

Enter the amount you'd like (excl. VAT)

How many days of credit?


Your invoice amount


Price for invoice issuer


Price for invoice receiver


Due date

No hidden costs.  No unexpected additional fees. 
Instant invoice payments, credit rating, and invoice insurance all included in one set fee.
APR / ÅOP 19-22,5%

Built for SMEs that want to grow

Because of COVID-19, you’re likely rushing to find a way to get paid faster and get longer payment terms on purchases. It may feel daunting, but you’re in the right place with CreditStretcher.

We built CreditStretcher to give SMEs easier, faster and fairer finance - and our solution removes the common hassle often attached to invoice factoring and financing. That is, today more than ever, essential for growing SMEs.

Companies take back control when they use CreditStretcher.

Instant invoice payments that won’t harm your customer relationships.

"…I was over the moon to find out that CreditStretcher not only sorts it all out for you. It’s also much faster than any other solution we have used".

"A Factoring company wanted to buy all of my invoices. And charge me a monthly maintenance fee. I just wanted something I could use day-by-day, month-by-month. I was over the moon to find out that CreditStretcher not only sorts it all out for you, it’s also much faster than any other solution we have used and I can use it whenever I need, without any stress”.

Freddy Bach, a happy credit stretcher since 2018

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