Making business finance
suck less.

Denmark's first SME finance
platform that’s built for you
and your customer.

“Lack of liquidity will no longer be the reason companies go out of business”

Jacob’s Dad ran a successful SME. It gave immense joy to him and his employees. For many years.

Then one day the business closed. It ran out of money.

It wasn’t poor operating skills, mismanagement or negligence. It was something that happens every day, in every country in the world - his customers couldn't pay.

Jacob’s Dad is just one of thousands of SME owners losing out. Right now, there are over €1T of unpaid invoices. It's killing SMEs.

This is why we started CreditStretcher. To support SMEs across the planet.

So that lack of liquidity will no longer be the reason SMEs go out of business. If CreditStretcher had existed back then, it’s likely his business would still be alive today.

Our Mission:
To offer SMEs the fastest, easiest and fairest finance.

Our Vision:

To enable SMEs throughout the world to realize their full potential and be in greater financial control through innovative financial products and services.

These are the core values shared by everyone at CreditStretcher. Values we fight for every day.


Everybody only wins, when nobody loses.

If you can make something where everybody wins, you have a stronger ecosystem. We will stand stronger than the soulless finance companies by creating a company based on trust and transparency.


Business as a force for good.

We built CreditStretcher to be a force for good in a business finance market that often lets one side of the relationship down. We envision a world of financial inclusion and fair financial products for all SMEs.


Empathy and service.

For too long marketers and advertisers have manipulated people to buy things they don't need. We promise to our customers to communicate to them with empathy and to provide them only what they (really) need.


Human-centered capitalism.

We're only interested in being in business for the right reasons. To create products that (actually) solve humankind’s higher needs. "Humans are more important than money" - Andrew Yang.



We are a remote company. This means our entire team can work wherever they want. Our belief is that the traditional office setting is barbaric, antiquated and short-sighted.


Be the painkiller.

You can think of us like financial pain relief. Ready to use whenever you need it.

On top of our values, we are driven by 24 guiding principles. 
We call these principles The CreditStretcher Manifesto.

Read our manifesto to learn more about what makes us different.

Meet our wonderful team.
We're entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, legal experts, finance experts, business developers, writers, speakers, readers, adventurers, volunteers and teammates. Our HQ is in Copenhagen, but everyone is free to work from wherever they want.

Jacob Pedersen

CEO & Co-Founder

Christian Thisted

COO & Co-Founder

Lars Andersen

CPO & Founder

Chris Pedersen


David Storm


Joseph Pack


Vang Nguyen

Tech Lead / Senior Software Engineer


Finn Helmer

Chairman of the Board

Julia Karen Müller

Board Member

Christian Thisted

Board Member

Carl Christopher Tornblom

Board Member

Jesper Hartvig Jensen

Board Member

Advisory board

Tim Cullen

Former Chief Spokesman of the World Bank, Chairman at TCA Ltd

Kenneth H. Christensen

Specialist Strategic Sales, previously Arvato and AL Finans Factoring

Christian Eiber

Vice President of Global Sales in Automotive Industry, PhD candidate at USC in field of Blockchain Technologies

Christian Müller

Private investor, former CFO/MD of a US automotive supplier (Germany) & a German power electronics supplier (Global)

Anders Egeskov

Fine art consultant to well-known museums and foundations such as Ny Carlsberg Fondet, Augustinus Fonden and Lundbeckfonden.

Jeanette Carlsson

Founder of Tech Nordic Advocates, Tech sector CEO, board, government and diplomatic advisor. Key roles in the Nordic and London tech ecosystem.

Peter Andreasen

Previously CFO and CEO in Saxo Private Bank

Jesper Skorstengaard

CEO at Kvanto Payment Services, previously Manager of Business Development at Royal Bank of Scotland

What is a credit stretch, and how does it work?

"Factoring is slow, expensive and complicated. A credit stretch is fast, fair and simple". - Freddy Bach

We agree Freddy! - invoice factoring needed a refresh. So we created the credit stretch. To find out exactly how it works and how it could help you grow faster and with more confidence, read our guide.