Make purchases and get 60 days interest free credit.

We'll pay your customer now, so you can use the money and extra time to grow your business. Extend to 90 days for just 1% of the invoice amount.

Apply now!

If you're creditworthy, and have purchased goods or services from a supplier, you can extend the amount of time to pay their invoice by applying for a credit stretch.

What makes you creditworthy?

We assess your creditworthiness in minutes. It's free, fully automated and there's no paperwork required. If approved, you'll receive your credit immediately after you and your supplier sign the agreement.

Getting paid right away is very powerful for my business.

CreditStretcher is so simple. I apply for a credit stretch, inform my client and once they've signed the digital signature I receive my money instantly.
Freddy Bach, a happy credit stretcher since 2018

Prolong your credit time.

Control, improve and stabalise your cash flow and working capital. Giving you more confidence to grow your business.

Minimise the need for expensive project financing.

Because you can hold onto your money for longer, it's likely you'll reduce the need to rely on expensive project financing.

Plus, CreditStretcher will give you access to credit immediately, so you won't be waiting around for a decision.

Reduce the risk from long production cycles.

Pay yourself first. Use the money to grow. Invest in new products and materials. CreditStretcher gives you the breathing space to hold onto your money for longer.

Build better relationships.

Your suppliers will love that you're paying them earlier than any other buyer. Meaning you can build stronger and longer lasting relationships with your best suppliers.

Get 60 days of free credit now. Apply for a credit stretch.

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What is a credit stretch, and how does it work?

"Factoring is slow, expensive and complicated. A credit stretch is fast, fair and simple". - Freddy Bach

We agree with Freddy - invoice factoring needed a refresh. So we created the credit stretch. To find out exactly how it works and how it could help you grow faster and with more confidence, read our guide.