Frequently asked questions.

How do I apply to CreditStretcher?
You can apply for a credit stretch by first creating an account and then click the "create credit stretch" button to begin the process. You will need to upload the invoice you want to credit stretch and then enter information about you and the other party and finally sign the credit stretch agreement with your NemID digital signature.

When will my funds arrive?
The funds will arrive in the invoice issuer's account shortly after both parties have signed the credit stretch agreement. The signing is done with the NemID digital signature.

Can I pay early?
Yes, but the fee will not be reduced due to an early payment.

How do payments work?
The fee for making a credit stretch is simply being subtracted from the amount paid out to the invoice issuer. For the additional 1% for the invoice receiver when opting for the 90 days credit, this is added to the amount that needs to be paid to CreditStretcher at the due date of the credit stretch.

Who is eligible for a credit stretch?
Any company, no matter how small, with a creditworthy customer. How will you know if your customer is creditworthy?

Here are a few guidelines to help determine the likeliness of them being creditworthy: X years of publicly available financial history, more than X amount of employees, etc.

What if my customer is a non-Danish company?
At the moment we are only servicing Danish companies doing business with each other. More countries will be added to our service soon.If you want to know more about which countries, feel free to contact us.

What if my supplier/sub-contractor is a non-Danish company?
At the moment we are only servicing Danish customers. More countries will be added to our service very soon.

What is the minimum amount of the invoice?
50.000 DKK

What is a credit stretch, and how does it work?

"Factoring is slow, expensive and complicated. A credit stretch is fast, fair and simple". - Freddy Bach

We agree Freddy! - invoice factoring needed a refresh. So we created the credit stretch. To find out exactly how it works and how it could help you grow faster and with more confidence, read our guide.