Rising Fintech star CreditStretcher partners with Keijser Capital.

July 7, 2020

To increase funding to help SMEs get access to faster, easier and fairer finance.

COPENHAGEN - July, 7th, 2020

Today, SME finance platform CreditStretcher and Keijser Capital (Amsterdam, Netherlands) announced a partnership to raise further funds towards CreditStretcher’s growth, enabling SMEs throughout Europe to gain access to easier, faster and fairer finance.

This partnership increases access to finance for SMEs, via the CreditStretcher product.

CreditStretcher chose Keijser Capital due to their impressive track record with innovative instruments that grant access to major capital markets for SMEs. This partnership will allow CreditStretcher to distribute capital to SME customers who are struggling under the pressure of current economic unrest.

The aim is to raise up to €10 Million via debt instruments and list these as SME Bonds on EuroNext or EuroNext Growth.

This announcement comes days after CreditStretcher was selected for Village Capital’s Finance Forward program with PayPal and Metlife Foundation as founding partners.

CreditStretcher, co-funded by the EU, enables SMEs to grow by providing fair access to credit through upfront financing on invoices and extending interest-free credit for up to 60 days to buyers. Giving SMEs a faster, easier and fairer way to get finance and be in financial control.

Comments on the news:

Keijser CEO, Tjerk de Vries, “We are happy to partner with the rising star, CreditStretcher. It’s a great opportunity for our investors to participate in the fintech revolution with a company where the investment is secure. CreditStretcher’s innovative approach to SME finance has opened the door for millions of SMEs who struggled to gain access to finance that is often only available to larger companies”. " As we are now establishing a presence in Switzerland with an office in Zurich, we believe this is a perfect opportunity to introduce our growing international network of investment professionals and investors to one of the most exciting emerging Fintech companies in Europe.”

CreditStretcher CEO, Jacob Vorsø Pedersen, “We’re excited to join forces with Keijser Capital in order to further realize our mission to provide SMEs with faster, easier and fairer finance. They’ve been around for over 100 years and we’re happy to bring them onboard as our partner to further advance our access to investors to take CreditStretcher to the next level in order to service the European SME market further”.

About CreditStretcher:CreditStretcher is an instant payment platform that allows suppliers to be paid right away and offers their buyers 60 days of interest free credit.

About Keijser Capital:Keijser Capital has been active for over a 100 years as an independent financial advisory boutique and distinguishes itself in the marketplace by using independence for the benefit of its clients.

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