How to grow your business without selling your soul

SMEs rarely get access to fair finance. If you're an SME owner, it's likely you've been in this scenario before. You're either too risky for a loan. Too small to deal with. Or you just didn't get accepted and you don't really know why.

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On the occasion that you are accepted you'll feel like you just sold your soul.

In return for your soul you got stuck with a poor deal with high interest and short payment terms.

How are you supposed to grow your fledgling business under these conditions?

Running a growing business is already scary, stressful and time-consuming. You're probably thinking about banging your head against a brick wall right now aren't you?

Please don't!

I might have a solution for you.

Have you ever been in a situation where your customers aren't paying you on time and you need to borrow money to survive the next few months?

Where do you go for it?

A factoring company? Or a business finance provider?

But they don't really align with the way you operate your business.

Isn't it funny how these large companies are so much slower to catch onto modern technology than you are?


Your current options for finance are slow, expensive and they no longer meet your requirements.

SMEs want finance solutions that (actually) meet their demands.

We (and many other Fintech startups) are quickly changing the landscape. We smell a revolution in the making. One where the small business owners finally get what they've deserved all along.

You should be able to access finance whenever you want it, remotely, from the comfort of your van, office or home.

You should be given the same fair rates that your largest competitors get access too!

You should be able to grow your business knowing that someone isn't about to come knocking for that repayment.

And you should be able to do it completely on your own terms. Without the pressure of some aggressive salesperson convincing you to borrow more money to grow faster than you already are.

We are moving towards a fairer marketplace for SMEs. One where business finance sucks less.

One where the complex and exclusive industry of old makes way for the simple and inclusive Fintech industry.

We envision a world where any SME (that sells to a creditworthy customer) can get access to finance whenever they want it.

That world doesn't feel all that far away.

How do I know that?

Because we're building it!

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