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We have an opening on our business team as a Business Development Manager.

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We’ve been building our product. Testing it with a close circle of early customers. And refining it based on their requirements.

But now it’s time to change.

We recently took on an investment that will allow us to supply 100 more SME clients with credit stretches (our unique financial product). And we just completed the Finance Forward Europe programme, in partnership with PayPal, Metlife Foundation and Village Capital.

So we’re ready to grow.

Moving forward we want to be intentional about how we reach new customers (how do we introduce CreditStretcher to people who don’t know us?). And to consider us a viable option? And how do we get people who are considering using our tool, to use it?

How do we do this inline with our very important principles and company values. To sell with empathy and service. To put humans before money. And to only sell what people really need, which means zero, ZERO pressure sales tactics. 

So for the first time, we’re ready to hire someone to take this responsibility and work alongside several of our Leadership team (CEO, COO, CFO and CCO) and introduce our company to customers right across Denmark.

About the job and the work

Fundamentally, this job is about bringing new people to our product outside of the network we’re already working with. It’s about reaching out to brokers and building relationships with them so that they sell our product in the right way. We’re not looking for someone to just take orders. This also isn’t a job for self-described sales hackers, growth hackers or people with a  ‘sell at all costs’ mentality.

This role is for someone who cares deeply about the progress that customers can make with a product. Someone who is eager (but not annoyingly so) to pick up the phone and talk to customers and brokers. Someone who has previously sold products that they truly believe in. You’re always on the lookout for new sales opportunities but you’re equally critical of bypassing opportunities with low rewards.

Day-to-day, your ultimate responsibility will be to grow our customer base in Denmark. Ensuring that our product is being sold the right way. And reporting your progress to the rest of the company regularly. You’ll be meeting with potential customers and presenting to them.

About you

You’re organised. You take ownership. You’re comfortable inputting ideas yet commit to work even when you disagree. You’ve done this before and want to do it again.

Degree or no degree, it doesn’t matter. It’s not about what got you here. It’s about showing a history of thoughtful, fantastic work both on your own and working as part of a team towards a large goal.

We’re not looking for a superhero who thinks volume of hours = good work. Excess is not impressive. Application, effectiveness and doing the right thing is. 8 hours in plenty. What you do with the rest of your time is up to you, not us. You’ll report to the CEO and COO.

As a remote company, the majority of our communication is written. So you must be a strong writer. That means you’re able to communicate ideas, arguments and project specifications clearly and concisely. 

  • You think and act like a sales entrepreneur
  • You’re self-disciplined and think independently 
  • You have 3+ years of experience with outbound sales with a proven track record
  • You have high energy and great at building relationships (our people is our brand)
  • You’re financially literate and understand various B2B SME financial products such as; Factoring, Invoicing Financing and other financial products.
  • You live in Denmark and are able to travel around for customer meetings
  • And you can speak and write Danish AND English fluently
  • Financial education is a plus

About us

Our Founder, Lars Andersen, created a brand new financial product called a credit stretch. It is much faster, fairer and easier to use than competing SME financial products. We help companies get paid faster. And give their customers 60 days of interest free credit.

We communicate to our customers with empathy. And respect their financial literacy level. Which means no big words. No acronyms. No confusing terms. Just plain and simple language that is on their level.

We have a very strong set of values that we live by. We call it the manifesto, and you can find that at www.creditstretcher.com/post/creditstretcher-manifesto. Please read it, soak it in and ask us questions about it.

CreditStretcher is a fully remote company. And this is a remote position too, however it'll require you to live in Denmark. So you’re free to work where you work best: home office, co-working space etc. However, we don’t allow the type of digital nomadism that sees you moving every couple of months and living in hostels with patchy Wifi connections, no regular place to concentrate and a range of distractions.

How to apply

We want to get a sense of how you think. To that end, please use your cover letter (written in English) to share with us your take on the following questions:

  1. Tell us how you’ve taken an existing B2B product (financial or not) and sold it to a new set of customers who hadn’t heard of the product before?
  2. Give us an example of a small-to-medium sized business that you think sells themselves particularly well? Who’s doing an outstanding job out there? And why?
  3. Tell us what your top 3 most important values are in sales. And please explain why.
  4. Share an example of a time great sales (or marketing) caught your eye and turned you into a customer.
  5. Tell us what most motivates you to work in sales and business development. And please explain why?

We value great writers, so take your time with the application. Keep in mind that we do not equate length with substance, so please keep your cover letter to fewer than 1500 words. 

Stock cover letters won’t do – tell us why you want this job, not just any job.

We’re accepting applications until 16 November.

Go here to apply (please DO NOT send us your resume - instead, when asked to submit a resume to The Hub, please attach your 1500 word cover letter in PDF format).

We’re excited to hear from you!

Joseph Pack

CMO at CreditStretcher. Nice to meet you!

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