We're hiring a full stack developer

We have an opening on our product team as a full stack developer. We're accepting applications for the next few weeks, aiming for a flexible start date around October.

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This position is open to applicants experienced on our tech stack: Angular, NodeJS, Typescript, PostgreSQL and AWS.We’re hiring a full stack developer to help us build the easiest, fastest and fairest SME finance platform. You’ll be working on a new proven innovation in finance called the credit stretch, created by our Founder, Lars Andersen.

You can expect compensation of 3.500 € based on experience, plus an equity vesting agreement.

We’re set up to give you the freedom you won’t get working at corporates or even large startups. You’ll have autonomy over your work and the freedom to concentrate on tasks undisturbed.

CreditStretcher is an internationally diverse company. Therefore we encourage candidates of all different backgrounds to apply.

About the work:

As a full stack developer you’ll work on a large range of tasks, from improving UI to fixing problems on the backend, in collaboration with our product team. If you’re comfortable and motivated to work on vertical tasks across the whole stack, with a strength on frontend development, this position could be right for you.

If you join the team you’ll have the autonomy to work in your own way with the freedom to be creative. So it’s important that you’re comfortable managing yourself and making decisions that help us get closer to achieving our mission.

Our platform uses an Angular frontend, a NodeJS backend coded in Typescript, a PostgreSQL database and runs on AWS. We have integrated CI/CD pipelines and subscribe to a devops practices with docker containerization. We also use Cypress as our E2E testing framework.

It’s essential that you have experience with NodeJS, Typescript and Angular 2+. Plus, experience with Postgres or other SQL databases, knowledge of CI/CD, DevOps practices and AWS.

Although not essential, if you have experience with financial applications, Cypress, knowledge of factoring, banking, lending and Blockchain technologies such as Hyperledger, you’ll fit right in.

This is an incredibly exciting time to join the team. We’re serving customers and there’s a lot of work to be done on building features, fixing bugs and designing a tool that is extremely usable for our customers.

Here are some things we’ve worked on recently to give you a sense of what you could be doing each day:

  • Integrating with third party insurance provider API
  • Fetching information about our customers companies through the danish company registry
  • Getting the e2e testing framework to run smoothly
  • New features that are most essential and how to best implement them
  • Improving the UI by adding Loading spinners in critical places
  • Full stack development. Writing unit, integration, e2e tests, deploying to production through the build pipeline and updating infrastructure though terraform.

Our development process allows developers to work vertically throughout the full stack from frontend to infrastructure code, shifts testing left, and allows developers to test and deploy their code to production.

About you:

We’re looking for someone with a strong track record of putting web apps together and bringing products to life. We’re interested in the work you’ve done as part of a team, but we’re even more interested in the solo projects you’ve built alone. This proves the self-motivation required to fit in with us.

You can manage yourself. You take ownership and get on with it. You’re comfortable inputting ideas yet commit to work even when you disagree.

Degree or no degree, it doesn’t matter. It’s not about what got you here. It’s about showing a history of thoughtful, fantastic work both on your own and working as part of a team towards a large goal.

As a remote company, 90% of our communication is written. So you must be a strong writer. That means you’re able to communicate ideas, arguments and project specifications clearly and concisely.

About us:

We have a very strong set of values that we live by. We call it the manifesto, and you can read that here. Please read it, soak it in and ask us questions about it.

CreditStretcher is a fully remote company. And this is a remote position. So you’re free to work where you work best: home office, co-working space etc. However, we don’t allow the type of digital nomadism that sees you moving every couple of months and living in hostels with patchy Wifi connections, no regular place to concentrate and a range of distractions.

For more information or questions please contact us at dm@creditstretcher.com

Working at CreditStretcher


We believe the way small businesses borrow money is broken. We’re focused on solving their problems instead of selling them financial products they don’t need.

Fixing a broken industry requires talent. If you’re ready to help us do that, let’s talk. We want creative disruptors and innovators to join our team of developers, designers, marketers and business minds.

Our head office is in Copenhagen, but CreditStretcher is a remote-first company so you can live anywhere you want.

The whole team has an entrepreneurial mindset and ambition to create something big and disruptive. The team is carefully assembled to bring in all the needed expertise and drive to make this a success - though to make it grow faster we know we'll need more people on the team.

Joseph Pack

CMO at CreditStretcher. Nice to meet you!

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