Never chase another unpaid invoice.

We pay you now. Your customer pays us later. Protect your client relationships, pay your suppliers and continue growing your business.

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If you deliver goods to a creditworthy customer you can access the cash the moment you complete your customers order. Cash that’s usually unavailable until your buyer pays their invoice.

What makes a customer creditworthy?

We assess your customers creditworthiness in minutes. Fully automated, no paperwork required. If approved, you'll receive the money immediately after you and your client sign the agreement.

Getting paid right away is very powerful for my business.

CreditStretcher is so simple. I apply for a credit stretch, inform my client and once they've signed the digital signature I receive my money instantly.
Freddy Bach, a happy credit stretcher since 2018

Focus on running your business.

Reduce risk and overhead so you can focus on growing your business. CreditStretcher is responsible for credit checks and collection.

Protect your customer relationships.

11% of all invoices (totalling USD 1.01 trillion per year) issued by SMEs are paid late. The biggest barrier to chasing late payments is a desire to protect the customer relationship.

CreditStretcher is built to benefit you and your customer. By giving you the cash you need and them more time to pay their invoice.

Get paid as soon as you complete the order.

Payment arrives immediately after you and your customer sign the agreement - minus a 3.75% fee* - so you don't have to wait.

*for insurance, interest and immediate service.

You're guaranteed to get paid

Every credit stretch is insured. So, if your client decides not to pay you for work completed, CreditStretcher ensures that you will get paid no matter what.

Forget waiting 60 to 90 days for payment. Apply for a credit stretch

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Business finance sucks. We make it suck less.

Business finance often ignores SMEs. They favour large companies with good creditworthiness.

We built CreditStretcher for the SME. Now you can get access to funding at a fair price, within minutes. If your customer is creditworthy, we can help you.

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