Finance for SMEs 

is expensive, complicated, and really slow. 

The good news 

is that now it doesn’t have to be.

We made it loads faster, far easier and much fairer.

We got rid of loads of needless stuff that (literally) turned the application process from weeks into minutes.


We made it loads faster

No long financial interrogation. No waiting for a decision.


We made it loads easier

No going into the bank. No long phone calls. No nonsense.


We made it much fairer

One fee of 3.75%. No hidden costs whatsoever.
The invoice issuer is guaranteed to get paid.


Current SME finance providers can’t solve the buy now, pay later culture that’s costing SMEs, on any given day, over $1T in late and unpaid payments. 

Our payment platform allows suppliers to be paid faster and buyers 60 days to pay without interest*.

*extended to 90 days for just 1%

Our customers
love us

"A Factoring company wanted to buy all of my invoices. And charge me a monthly maintenance fee. I just wanted something I could use day-by-day, month-by-month. I was over the moon to find out that CreditStretcher not only sorts it all out for you, it’s also much faster than any other solution we have used and I can use it whenever I need, without any stress”.

Freddy Bach - Real Estate

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